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What you should know about the driving test:

The section provides little known facts about the driving test itself. These are given as bullet points for you to use as a quick glance guide:

The information listed is provided in good faith and is correct to the best of our considerable knowledge, however the driving test is marked by a driving examiner, who like everyone else has personal preferences and opinions. Examiners are given considerable discretion when marking a test and are told to consider the overall drive when deciding whether or not a particular fault will cause a failure. Therefore something that fails one person in one situation may not fail someone else in a different situation. As always common sense should prevail.

Examiners are trained to watch you until you look in the mirror after giving a direction

Your examiner has probably already made an assessment of your ability before you pull away by looking at the way you do the pre-start checks

Examiners don't like surprises - keep your driving smooth, gentle and predictable

At some point in the test when there is a quiet moment, such as waiting in a queue, your examiner will probably ask you "What would you be doing if you weren't here today?" This appears to be the standard 'bond with the test candidate' question.

If there is an unexpected event, such as a blocked road, while you are on test you may be asked to "turn around by any means" and told that "this won't be counted on your test"

As soon as you leave the test centre, before you reach your car, the examiner wiil normally ask you if he can call you by your first name.

If you can't read a chosen numberplate by the third attempt, the examiner will go back in and get a tape measure to measure out the exact distance required. If you can't read it then you will fail your test. There is only one tape measure per test centre.

Taking the wrong direction and going off route is not a fail

All of the reversing manoeuvres now have an equal chance of being done on test

You will only ever be asked to reverse into a parking bay at the driving test centre. If a test centre does not have its own car park then you will not do the bay park manoeuvre

People who fail on emerging usually do so because they haven't looked left sufficiently before crossing the line

The emergency stop is only performed on one in three tests - people fail on the emergency stop because either they don't brake hard enough or they don't react quickly enough

If you get stuck in a traffic jam you will still drive the whole test route - you will just have a longer test.

Getting both maintenance questions wrong will not fail you - you will just get one minor fault.

It is very difficult to fail on a manoeuvre if you have the confidence to stop, take your time and shunt forwards if necessary.

Technically if you commit a dangerous fault the driving test should be terminated at that point, although it is seldom done.

Stalling the car on test is usually only a minor fault, unless it causes problems for someone else, or creates a dangerous situation.

You can be on the lines on a bay park manoeuvre and still pass. You can finish at an angle as long as you are not over the line either side.

Hitting the kerb lightly on a turn-in-the-road will not fail you, and the turn doesn't have to be done in 3 movements







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