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How to deal with the hazard as it develops:

This means making positive decisions. It is very easy to get trapped in a situation by going in too fast. What action to take depends totally on the exact nature of the hazard. However the general procedure is: hold back, give yourself time to think, reduce your speed so that you don't have to brake suddenly, and try to leave plenty of space around you (don't feel pressured by drivers who are behind). Then be sure of what you are doing before you proceed.

The video below shows a drive along Leigh Road, with as usual, lots of potential and developing hazards. It illustrates that the way to keep safe is to be prepared to hold back, and not to rush into things.

Going into a situation too slowly just means that you delay people behind for a second. Going into a situation too fast means that you delay people behind for an hour, while you sort out the details of the accident. 






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