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How to deal with hazards - developing hazards:

A developing hazard is something that is beginning to happen. It may be a cyclist looking over their shoulder, a pedestrian walking towards the road, or car approaching a junction ahead of you. If it's developing it implies some sort of movement, or a sequence of events. The DSA's example of this for the hazard perception test is of a parked car that you can ignore until its right indicator flashes - at this point the hazard has begun to develop, as it may pull away.

In real life however, this is much too late to begin your thought processes, and is why experienced drivers score badly on the DSA computer based test

The DSA theory and hazard perception test

DSA Theory test videos


2. Seeing the developing hazard.

So once you've seen something that looks as though it is developimg, or becoming a problem, you need to take action; such as:

"It's no good seeing the hazard, if you don't do anything about it"


Below the pedestrian is walking towards our side of the road - definitely a developing hazard.













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