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Dealing with junctions - staggered stops, creep & peep?:

In extreme circumstances, at blind or closed junctions, where you can't see a thing; use staggered stops: -

Edge out then stop, and look both ways.
Edge out then stop, and look both ways.
Edge out then stop, and look both ways.

until you can see adequately in both directions (probably at least 100 metres)

This method allows anyone approaching the chance to see your bonnet, and react to you, even if you can't see them.

Creeping out slowly is not a good method when visibility is extremely restricted because if you are moving, by the time you see something and react to it, you will be out in front of it.

Emerging through a queue:
When emerging through a queue of traffic, either to cross lanes or to turn right you must stop behind the give way line. When someone lets you out - Stop at the centre line. Stopping at the centre line is essential so that anyone overtaking the queue (possibly a motorcycle) has time to see you and react to you before you pull out in front of them



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