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Frequently asked questions about junctions:

When I am waiting at a junction, the car next to me often goes before I do. Am I being hesitant?

The most important thing to know is that you will only get marked down for hesitancy if the examiner is sitting there thinking "Why didn't we go then?" If it's busy and you can't go, that's not your fault.

Secondly the dynamics are completely different for left, right, and straight ahead. If you are turning left, and pulling out, you are still in front of an approaching car from the right after you've emerged. Someone turning right next to you will be completely clear of them straight away.

Also the turn is a bigger radius on a right turn so the pull away can be faster.


When I can't see at a junction I often come out too wide when I pull out. What causes this?

You are probably edging out so that you can see before you begin to steer. For a left turn you should begin your turn about half a metre before you get to the give-way line (exactly how much before will depend on the radius of the kerb). Just try to keep a constant distance from the kerb as you turn, remembering that the back of your car will cut in a little.

Because you are sitting on the right-hand side of the car, by turning sooner, you will be able to see more without sticking your bonnet out too far.

On a right turn you should begin steering as soon as you move over the line.

Your track, the course that you steer, should be the same whether you are edging out because you can't see, or emerging normally because you can see. Otherwise you may pull out safely with effective observation, but be wedged half-way across the road, not able to get around because you haven't got enough room to complete the turn.


I often have problems controlling the speed when I am pulling out. What can I do?

Control the clutch and your speed as though you are doing a manoeuvre, until you’ve got the wheels straight. Pull away, then keep your speed steady until you have done all your steering. If you accelerate too early, before your steering is complete, you will veer off in the wrong direction. The first part of the turn is the important part. So the sooner you turn-in, the sooner you can straighten, and the sooner you can accelerate.



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