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How to drive on country lanes - decreasing radius bends

For decreasing radius bends, you may need to continue slowing down. These are the most dangerous type of bends because they curve gradually initially, encouraging a fast entry speed, then tighten up. On decreasing radius bends you often find a series of sharp deviation signs, rather than just the usual one sign.



As you can see the bend open up ahead of you, and the limit-point races off into the distance, you can begin to straighten the steering and accelerate. The police phrase this "chasing the limit-point" (photo above).

Frequently asked questions:

Is it a good idea to position to the right when approaching a left-hand bend?

Moving out to the right on the approach to some slight, or double-bends can increase your view significantly through the bend and into the distance. This only applies generally if the obstruction caused by the curve of the bend is less than the width of the road.

On more right-angled bends it is best not to, because even though moving out to the right increases your view around the bend, giving you more time to stop if you see an obstruction ahead. It also puts you much closer to oncoming traffic, which may be travelling very fast.



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