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Clacton - the test centre:

This is the roundabout outside the test centre. The sign is seen when approaching from the big one way system, probably on your way back at the end of the test.

You will most likely be asked to take the 2nd exit to the right. (shown as straight ahead on the sign). It is actually a right turn as the roundabout is offset, unlike on the sign, so should be done in the right-hand lane, indicating right.



Be extremely careful as you approach the zebra as sometimes a pedestrian, hidden from view by the shop, will walk out from around the corner onto the crossing (below).



The one-way street opposite the test centre. Be very careful when emerging to the right here, as visibility is extremely limited, and traffic comes off the roundabout unexpectedly. Use staggered, or a double, stop technique. It's better to stop half-way out, than pull out in front of someone (photo below)



This is the approach to the test centre car park. It's the hole in the wall (circled below). Make sure that you check out the zebra crossing for pedestrians, as it's easy to get distracted while you are looking for the entrance.


The entrance to the test centre car park: Your test will normally end here. There is no bay parking involved, just drive in and stop in the middle somewhere (photo below).




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