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Clacton - St Johns roundabout:

Driving out of town: You may be asked to pull-up along here. Then to pull-away and follow the signs to London, then Harwich. First the green primary route sign (photo below) then .......


..... the secondary route sign (white): If you are heading to London (Weeley) then keep left for the 2nd exit. Note: The 3rd exit signed to Lt Clacton is a right turn, as the roundabout layout differs from the sign (photo below).


Driving into town: Use 3rd exit right to go to the town centre. On the approach; mirror-signal, and then move over to the centre line as you reach the hatched area in the middle. This needs to be done before slowing to enter the 30mph limit. To exit; beware of traffic on your left, and Indicate for your exit as early as possible. Be prepared to go around again if you have to (photo below).


Approaching the roundabout from the rear of Tesco direction. This is on the old London Road, and heading into the town. You may be asked to pull-up here, to then pull-away again. Be very carefull when you move away because there is a blind left-hand bend behind you (photo of roundabout approach and sign below).





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