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Bay parking: How to do it: (Please also see the manoeuvres-general page)

Method#3: At 90 degrees to the left (photo below):
Line-up so that you can look along the length of the 3rd line forwards of the space, being at a right angle to it (or kerb in the example below).



Check all around and especially behind over your left shoulder, and your right side for other cars, or pedestrians. As you begin your turn the front will swing out. Commence turning to full lock as soon as you move; keep checking the left-side mirror as you curve around towards the space. Make sure that you keep the line on the left side of the parking space, on the left side of your car.



When you are parallel to the lines each side of the space, Stop! Then straighten your wheels (one and a half turns from full-lock to centre). Move back as necessary to get fully into the space to finish. It is better to be tight to the line on the left side when you come in as it is easy to correct by straightening slightly. It is much more difficult if you are tight to or over the line on the other side, because any correction means moving forwards. 





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