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Pay-as-u-Drive Accelerated Courses: Two-hour assessment lesson ONLY £40

"I would recommend anyone who is looking to pass their test to contact Alan, he's the best instructor you could ever wish to be taught by! With his help, I managed to pass first time! The man works miracles!!! Many thanks Alan!" - James Poulson, Rayleigh


There are good teachers and bad teachers!

When you were at school there were probably some teachers that you learnt a lot from, and some that you learnt very little from. It's quite likely that the ones you learnt most from were the ones that inspired you. They probably had the best subject knowledge, and the most experience of teaching the subject. The best teachers could explain things in a way that you could understand, whereas other teachers couldn't. They were all teachers, but not all of them could teach very well.

It's the same with driving instructors, they are all driving instructors, but not all have the qualifications, experience, knowledge, and aptitude to teach very well. And not all driving instructors use the best teaching techniques to enable you as an individual to learn to drive in the most effective way. Surprisingly many driving instructors still advocate and use the old-fashioned "instruction" method of teaching, and have not embraced modern coaching philosophy.

"Even as a North American with nearly 7 years of previous driving experience I understood that I would need lessons to prepare for the practical driving exam. Over the course of our sessions Alan's manner of teaching and focus directly reflected the content and style of the exam. His advise and instruction is based on years of experience as an instructor but also driving a wide variety of vehicles and industries. Moreover his natural love of teaching, seemingly endless patience and eagerness for conversation create a comfortable learning environment. Most impressively driving with Alan not only allowed me to pass my exam but also made me into a much better driver. Without exaggeration since finishing my driving lessons I have consistently been complimented on my driving by family and friends. Previously I would never have thought to take driving lessons unless I needed to pass the exam but now I can say that anyone who is looking to simply improve their driving, become more comfortable and safe on the road would do well to spend some time with Alan. Many thanks !" - Jacob, Rayleigh


We use modern methods and make your lessons enjoyable.

Coaching is a teaching method used in all sports training and is seen to be the most effective way to teach people new skills in an enjoyable way. Your driving lessons with Hawkwell Driving School will be less about driving instruction, and more about driving coaching..

Using coaching techniques means that we will always be supportive and non-judgmental, and we will concentrate on identifying your individual strengths and abilities, providing you with the means to progress (using the GROW method). Our aim is to encourage you to be the best you can be, allowing you to reach the required standards for the driving test in the minimum amount of time.


We encourage you to be the best you can be!

Because we believe that the best way to learn is by doing, we keep you actually driving as much as possible on your driving lessons. This allows you the maximum amount of time to practice. (Unlike some driving schools we always keep roadside briefings to an absolute minimum).

And to ensure the very highest standards all our driver training is conducted by Alan who has over 30 years of learner driver teaching experience, and has also studied psychology and education at degree level. He has an excellent driving test pass rate, and an extensive array of Driving Standards Agency, and advanced driving qualifications from: the DSA, the Driving Instructors Association, the IAM, and RoSPA.  


You can be an excellent driver!

This means that we are able to teach you, not just the basics, but the subtleties that it takes to be an excellent and safe driver. Enabling you to understand not just what to do, but how to do it, and why: and inspiring you to reach your full potential.

"i would definitely recommend to learn to drive with alan. Brilliant instructor. i managed to pass first time last week! thanks again" - Emily Leverington, Hockley


Save money, and aspire for that 1st time pass!

Therefore you can save money, and be a better, and safer, driver by learning to drive with us. Because excellent quality instruction, by an experienced professional teacher of driving, with no compromises to save fuel - means that you will need fewer driving lessons - and you are more likely to pass your driving test first time.  

And if you take into account the cost of a driving test, the driving school's fees for the test day, and the lessons needed in-between each test in order to keep current - passing first time, as most of Alan's pupils do; and not the 6th time, which is not uncommon with some driving schools; could save you over a thousand pounds !


Pay-as-u-Drive Accelerated Courses:

These are our most successful driving courses because they bring together two major factors that affect how quickly you learn a skill such as driving. These are frequency and flexibility.


Frequency and flexibility rule OK!

The advantage of driving frequently is that you don't forget what you have learnt in-between lessons, and so don't have to spend so much time recapping on what you have done before. The advantage of flexibility is that you are able to adjust the frequency of your lessons so that you remain on schedule to pass your driving test at the end of the course.


Two or three 2-hour lessons per week so you can pass quickly!

We have found that the most effective way to learn to drive is to take two, or three, two-hour lessons a week as part of your accelerated course. By doing this you will progress very quickly towards passing your driving test. And, all of this can be arranged around your work, or college, and can also include weekends if you require.

On an accelerated course we suggest that if you haven't passed your theory test already, that you take it as soon as you commence your course.


Chase that 1st time pass!

We will conduct a number of practice driving tests with you. This is so that you can get used to being in the test situation; where you must make correct decisions, without any assistance, when you need to. Doing these mock tests means that you will be much more likely to pass your real DSA test first time, because you will feel much more confident in the test situation, the format will be familiar, and you will thoroughly understand the marking system.


We don't offer cheap courses in old, worn out cars, with inexperienced instructors. We don't tie you in to any contracts. And we don't charge extortionate car hire fees for the test day.


"I passed first time with Alan about 6 years ago. Would definitely recommend" - Rachel Harle, Hawkwell


At Hawkwell Driving School we pride ourselves on offering a quality service and clear pricing. There are no catches, no extra charges for evenings or weekends, and no additional costs. Test days are just at our normal hourly rate.

You don't need to have passed your theory test to book, or take, one of our accelerated courses!
(but you do need to have passed your theory test to book your practical test)


Pay-as-u-Drive Accelerated Course prices

For lessons on weekdays, weekends, and evenings:

No Deposit Required. Just call us to arrange your course.

Please note that course fees do not include the driving
theory or practical test fees which are payable to the
Driving Standards Agency.


Better quality instruction, and more time actually driving, means that you will need fewer driving lessons - and you are more likely to pass your driving test first time.



Teaching people to drive for over 30 years! Professional driving lessons with
Alan J Barker BA DSA ADI. Covering Hockley, Rayleigh, Rochford, & Hullbridge areas